Cable joints simplify cable splicing


Elastimold Shrink-Fit cable joint from Thomas & Betts, Memphis, Tenn., combines the convenience of pre-molded splicing with the range-taking versatility of cold-shrink methods into one, easy-to-install solution. It features a single-piece body that can be quickly installed using a self-ejecting plastic support core, which can be easily removed by hand.Thomas-&-Betts-elastimold_sfj4

The Elastimold Shrink-Fit cable joint is made of high-quality, molded EPDM elastomer. The Shrink-Fit method uses no ripcords and no heat, making installation fast, simple and safe.

Its four-piece plastic support core reinforces the openings at both sides of the joint. To create a splice, insert the joint. After preparing and joining the cables together with a connector, cut the strapping bands on the elastomer Shrink-Fit joint, and the joint will contour itself around the splice as it pushes the pieces of the plastic core out of both sides.

After the splice has been completed, cable neutrals can be re-connected easily over the body of the joint without having to use potentially dangerous spring clamps and without having to sacrifice any conductivity in the shield.

The Elastimold Shrink-Fit Cable Joint covers a wide range of cable sizes and can be used with either a standard aluminum or optional copper compression splice. A variety of optional kits are available for custom shielding and jacket restoration, based on individual needs and requirements.

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